Water Softening Equipment Supplier in Anaheim Ca.

Ever noticed that when you wash your car with top of the line shampoo and use the best microfiber towels, there is still water spots left behind in the car? This is especially a problem with dark colored cars. With hard water spots being on the surface, they tend to interfere with the car wash soap from properly cleaning your car.

First, let’s talk about how your car gets hard water spots. If you have ever attempted to wash your car in the sun, you find yourself trying to hurry up and dry the car before it dries. If you are not able to successfully dry the car before the sun naturally dries it, then you will notice hard water spots left behind. These spots are hard to come off and generally require more than just rubbing off with a microfiber towel.

The hardness of the water is what causes these hard water spots. Different cities have different amounts of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Areas like Santa Ana and the city of Irvine produce different quantities of hard water due to the various amounts of these insoluble compounds.

Running the water through a D.I tank will help soften the water. A D.I tank acts as a water filter. The “dirty” water goes in on one side, and clean; soft water comes out the other side. Many mobile auto detailers use these tanks to ensure that their customer’s cars are properly cleaned.

Now you might be asking yourself how does this make it easier to clean my car? That’s a good question. Since you are using pure water, the soap now can attack the dirt particles on your car. When you were using “contaminated water” the effects of the soap were being canceled out there for leaving you to work harder at cleaning your car. If you are looking for a water softening equipment supplier in Anaheim, look no further because our auto detail supplies store has exactly what you need!