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Most of us are careful about the way our car looks from the exterior, interior, glass windows, rims and tires. We typically consider each and every part of the car and make certain it is flawless. However, everything does fade away eventually and in the course of the next couple of days, your car will most likely lose its luster and its colors will indeed start to fade. Whether we like it or not, the sun and the rain will certainly begin to batter your car’s paint gloss and shine. Contaminents like brake dust and pollution in the air will start to conceal the shine that will need to get removed with detailing clay bar/sponge or buffed out with orbital or DA Polisher.

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Do not look for pricey products that might be unnecessary for your car, and attempt to limit your search to things that are cost effective and are helpful. Constantly search for newer products and always search for products that are practical and necessary. The first thing that you can do is to make a list of exactly all the auto detailing supplies ( interior and exterior) you will need before you go look for a store with car care products. All products have to be considered for the exterior and interior of your car. Everything from the towels to the car wash soap, microfiber towels and waxes need to be bought for the best results and also to offer your vehicle with sufficient protection. If you’re investing a bit of money on your items considering that you will not be paying for other charges like manpower (hiring a mobile detailer). Anyhow, do not worry. The items you buy today can also be made use of when you wish to clean up your car at a later date.

Professional Car Cleaning Tips: Avoid These Mistakes

Using dishwashing soap/solution to clean your car

No matter what you do NEVER use these. These types products are bad for the paint job and they do nothing to really remove dirt and tar but only will wind up stripping the protective wax coating (clear coat). So all that hard work you put in when waxing goes to waste not to mention the streaks you will get on your glass.

Taking your car to the local car wash.

There is no easier way to guarantee the scratching of your paint. Even if the car wash company says they use soft bristles, and soft towels, dirt usually gets trapped in the cloth,and ends up scratching against your paint.

Washing Car in Direct Sunlight

It’s best to wait until the sun is setting because then you get a really good shine on the car so you can see where all the dirt is. People clean their car in direct sunlight and when it’s really hot which makes the job harder. The reason why you don’t clean your car in the sun is because the car’s surface will be so hot that the water you’re cleaning it with will evaporate and can leave water marks on your paint.

Hand wash in swirl motion

Cleaning in a swirling motion. Pick a direction and clean in that direction. If you do it in a swirling motion, you’re more likely to see scratches at different angles. When you’re cleaning your car, go in one direction Pick a direction. I like going from front to back. From the front of the car to the rear of the car. And that’s the direction I stick to.

Using a one bucket system car wash

We see this all the time one bucket and no grit guard. You are probably thinking so how many buckets do I use then? The answer to that is to use a two bucket system. Use your first bucket for the soapy water. The other bucket is your rinse bucket. You want to fill your rinse bucket all the way to the top with plain water, and that’ll allow all the particulates and everything that are in your dirty towel to fall to the bottom under your grit guard. It won’t (contaminate) the nice clean, soapy water. Once you have your dirty wash towel or mitt, dunk it in the rinse bucket. Once you wring it out this will get most of the big particles off, that’s the goal: they’ll all sink to the bottom of that bucket. Now that you have a clean wash mitt you can now dunk it in my soap and I go back and clean the car and dry it (which brings up my next common mistake)

Drying Stage: Microfiber towel or chamois only please

Yes finally, you’re done cleaning everything, now rinse off all the soap. Don’t throw all your effort away by using the wrong thing to dry off your vehicle. Please avoid the following a sponge, a bath towel, T-shirt, and you do not use a paper towel when you dry off your car. ( I was truly cringing as I wrote this). You want to use a good microfiber towel or chamois that absorbs water really well. Just like cleaning your car, we’re gonna dry it in one direction You don’t want to add a lot of pressure this’ll prevent light hairline scratches. We recommend that you dry the car from top to bottom.

Should I Hire Pro: Mobile Detailer Business

How convenient would it be if you could be at work and have the convenience of having your car washed right outside? There is no long wait after a long day at the office.There is no long wait on the weekend, which is your day off and you would rather be spending this time with your family and loved ones. A mobile detailer does everything that a local car wash company would do, only this is done wherever you want it to be done. You want someone to come to your house and wash your car? Done. This service is reliable and the mobile detailers are trained professionals who have everything they need to get the job done. They carry with them all the heavy duty tools like hot water extractors, tire and wheel brushes, water reclamation wash systems, Rupes polishers, Porter Cable da polishers and pads, along with the,compounds,polishes, and chemicals.

These are some of the services that are performed:

  • Mini or Full Detail
  • Claying and or paint correction polishing
  • Color sanding with Compound and light polish
  • Waxes and polishes ceramic paint protection sealant
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Plastic and Trim, Vynil Restoration
  • Steam cleaning of Car Seat
  • Carpet cleaning with steam or water extractor (Interior) and Vacuum
  • Convertible Top Detailing with Aerosol Sprays Car Trim
  • Tar Removal
  • Boat and RV motorcycle Detailing

What is More Important than Carpet Extractor or Foam Cannon Gun?

Its a 32 or 16 0z spray bottle, regardless of what’s in it, it is an important tool because this is how we’re going to apply the different kind of cleaners to the car, in specialty areas. Any professional detail supply store supplier will supply these kinds of products and materials. Prefilled bottles will come with the directions right on the bottle, and the safety and the precautions we need in using them. Make sure it also has the MSDS information, this is how you know what is in it. Some may contain harsh chemicals if they do then make sure to wear eyewear and gloves when using them. Below are a few things you that might seem obvious but you may forget are already in a spray bottle

What Can Be Carried Inside Heavy Duty Spray Bottles?

  • Degreasers and Multi-Purpose Cleaners
  • Water or Silicone Based Dressings
  • Detail Sprays with Carnauba Wax
  • Leather Restoration Conditioners
  • Water to Clean out Pads
  • Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer
  • Acid Based Wheel Cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaning Degreasers(Interior)
  • Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

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